There was never a dish like pasta in my kingdom, so the first time I had it was during my first week living with Orik. He made something that he called spaghetti, and it was delicious! I never knew you could take such limited sources and these primitive devices to create something so divine!

It was almost better than dragon hearts, my favorite meal (although it was rare, since dragons are our allies, we only eat dragon hearts when one of our warriors have fallen or they have passed from old age). I do not require food unless I am trying to gain magical strength, which is why I eat dragon hearts and fairy wings (fairies shed their wings every decade and grow new ones), but once I tasted spaghetti, I decided that eating regularly would not be so bad.

By far, my favorite human meals contain pasta. The fun shapes and the amount of flavor a dish with pasta can have draws me in. It could be as bland or flavorful as you desire, you can make it healthy or you can make it very fattening, and it will always be delicious. The ability to do something like this is an art to me, and my overall opinion of this simple human dish is that we should all adopt it into our diets.



I never realized just how clueless the human race is. We can have entire wars, the battles raging around them, the wounded soldiers sleeping in their houses and feeding on their livestock, and yet, not a single human caught on long enough to inform the world that there are gods and goddesses.

The Angels war lasted for a thousand years, and I made many friends amongst my supposed enemies. It was never my decision to enslave them, not in my interest to hold them back from their happiness.

Fighting for the angels while maintaining the trust of my beloved kingdom was a constant struggle. My own brother –the boy that I grew up playing with, the boy who told me all of his secrets, the boy who was supposed to help me and rule alongside me- despised me.

Imagine my surprise and the sheer terror that I experienced when I met his lover for the first time. Adrian had been keeping their relationship a secret, and at first, I thought it was because he is gay. I assured him that the kingdom would be proud of their young leader, regardless of sexuality, but he never did tell them.

I started becoming suspicious when I realized that they never met within the city of Platt, or even on the spiritual plane. He would arrive home, pretending to be tired, hiding their notes in his inner coat pocket. I nearly begged him to let me meet this mystery man, but he would just look away, his shaggy dark hair falling into his face, and he mumbled, “In time, in time.”

My brother has the opposite powers of me so that we may keep the balance of the earth together. That being said, the god of death and decay is not required to look the part. My brother has always been rather handsome, though a bit pale, but healthy in size and shape. His eyes are a deep shade of red, a striking color against the paleness of his skin and the darkness of his hair. A color of Life, and Vitality.

I started to notice the difference when my brother started to look thinner and more fragile, and the paleness was less the color of a sculpture and more the color of a corpse. His eyes changed too, darkening and becoming almost black, and when I would look into his eyes –which was rare because he never met my gaze anymore –they were so hollow.

It was mid-festival of springtime, and he hadn’t appeared before the kingdom as he should have. My heart was racing as I scrambled around to find him, afraid that something terrible had happened to him, concerned about his current state of health. I saw him then, letting in a cloaked figure.

I rushed to meet them, rushed to stop them, and was greeted by an angry, hollow shell that somewhat resembled my brother and a very tall, very handsome, and very human man. His smile made my heart flutter, yet there was something uncanny about him. He grabbed me hard by the wrist –it shouldn’t have hurt me, he is only mortal –and escorted me inside with my brother.

“I have long awaited our meeting.” He paced back and forth in front of me. “But I can’t say I was ready to do this so soon.” His face was now inches from mine, and I could see the storm raging in his soul. “I’m going to turn this place around because you have ruined it. And I am going to kill you one day, sometime soon, but not today.”

Without much of a warning, two of the guards, my guards, my friends, took me to the edge of the city. My brother watched on, emotionless, or perhaps helpless, as I pled with them to just let me be. I could see the struggle in their eyes, the sheer terror. They were no longer in control, and I had to accept my fate.

They threw me down from Platt, and I landed in the middle of Aigon forest. I was laying there for days, healing my wounds and my broken heart. Once I was able, I stood, and I wandered throughout the forest, until I met the people that I now call my family. That’s how I got here.



A Nightmare

This morning, I was so tired that I felt drawn to my bed, so I went to my bed and I laid down. It was 9 am, and I was a bit restless at first, but I soon fell asleep. I started to dream about nice things, like moving with my family into a bigger, better house. There was an enormous flat screen tv and an open floor plan downstairs. The couch took up half of the room, but it was very comfortable. My father was being rather ornery, and everything was alright.

Then, I saw a reflection in the window that didn’t belong to either of us. I was then attacked by a cat that I didn’t know was in the house. I got up and ran, assuming the others were with me, although I never saw an indication that they were. As I ran, I saw my dead relatives and family friends, such as my great-grandparents, my aunt, and one of the previous owners of the house we currently live in.

I suddenly opened my eyes and I was in my room, with a horrible face inches from my own. I tried to scream, and I thought I could hear myself screaming but I also didn’t feel myself scream. I tried to reach for a heavy object on my nightstand and throw it, but I couldn’t move. I lay there for a long time, it felt, and suddenly, my eyes snapped open and I sat upright, trying to shake the feeling of eyes on me. It was 10 am. I did everything I could to stay awake.

A Nightmare