There was never a dish like pasta in my kingdom, so the first time I had it was during my first week living with Orik. He made something that he called spaghetti, and it was delicious! I never knew you could take such limited sources and these primitive devices to create something so divine!

It was almost better than dragon hearts, my favorite meal (although it was rare, since dragons are our allies, we only eat dragon hearts when one of our warriors have fallen or they have passed from old age). I do not require food unless I am trying to gain magical strength, which is why I eat dragon hearts and fairy wings (fairies shed their wings every decade and grow new ones), but once I tasted spaghetti, I decided that eating regularly would not be so bad.

By far, my favorite human meals contain pasta. The fun shapes and the amount of flavor a dish with pasta can have draws me in. It could be as bland or flavorful as you desire, you can make it healthy or you can make it very fattening, and it will always be delicious. The ability to do something like this is an art to me, and my overall opinion of this simple human dish is that we should all adopt it into our diets.


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