Homosexuality is wrong?

Why is homosexuality so wrong in this world? If there were a good reason, a solid explanation, I could accept it and try to keep from despising the people in power here on this planet. But there are many people who believe that homosexuality is wrong on earth and they do not present real reasons behind it. Their made up theology completely ignores what any real god feels and how any real god acts.

In Platt, there is no rule against homosexuality, because there is no real benefit to living only heterosexually. Being that most of the people that live in Platt are magically inclined, you do not need to reproduce traditionally to have a family, but it was to my understanding that humans are acquiring more options in this regard as well, so why is it so bad?

In my kingdom, there are no increased risks of death or disease, and while sometimes that may not always be true here on earth, it is to my understanding that the medical field is steadily making new discoveries. Diseases that were previously death sentences can be managed or even cured, not to mention all of the new preventative measures a person can take to protect themselves from contracting an illness.

If it is a matter of love, there is nothing to fear. Love can be virtually anywhere you look, and as long as the person actually cares for you and you are consenting adults, what is so wrong? No god would tell you to ignore something true in your life, as it would disturb the balance. And to address the question rattling around in your brain about how my brother was hypnotized by Nathaniel? Who wouldn’t be hypnotized by Nathaniel? he is a career hypnotist and deceiver, and anyone who mistook his charm for true love would have fallen prey, man or woman. Being misguided in the man he chose does not mean that my brother Adrian should not be with a man at all.

Now that I have opened your eyes to the way of the gods, what is to stop you from living in more of an accepting manner as well?

Homosexuality is wrong?

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